Introduction: Earth Scientist Ashley King

Hello, I’m Ashley, and I’m a post-doctoral researcher working with meteorites at the Natural History Museum in London. I use meteorites to unravel the history of the solar system – how did it evolve from a cloud of gas and dust to the Sun, planets, asteroids and comets that we see today? For this I use a wide range of analytical techniques to investigate the mineralogical, chemical and isotopic properties of meteorites, and also materials returned to Earth by missions to asteroids and comets. I’ve been lucky enough to work with many different samples including presolar and interstellar dust, enstatite chondrites and lunar and martian meteorites. However, these days my real love are the carbonaceous chondrites! These primitive meteorites can tell us about the geology of the water- and organic-bearing asteroids that may have helped to get life started on Earth. I have two cats and tweet from @AshleyJKing85.



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